Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Falling is not fun

Monday morning I fell I do not recommend falling on ice to anyone. It hurts. Our driveway is great on the winter because it dries pretty quickly when we have snow. We have a bit of an incline and the sun shines on it at just the right angle. So that is a benefit.

However, Monday morning there was one very small patch of ice and I happened upon it. Down I went. I landed on my back and hit my head. I just laid there for a few minutes then sat there for a bit before getting up. It hurt so bad that I cried for over an hour. Not a good way to start the day or the week. All day Monday and Tuesday I hurt so much. Thankfully it is now Wednesday night and it no longer hurts to breathe. My neck and upper back is still site but I'm moving around and can turn my neck again mostly.

Bottom line, be careful out there. Falling on ice is no laughing matter. I am very lucky that it wasn't worse and nothing is broken. Take care everybody

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K Andrew said...

Hi Monica,
thank you for hopping along with us in my Cricky Across the 50 Blog Hop.
Looking forward to getting to know you!

Cricky Chirps & Hugs,
K Andrew