Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fabulous day at the Bay

Today was awesome. Tim brought me breakfast then he went to his meetings. I had an easy morning then headed out to find the your bus. The bus was red with an American flag painted on it. It stopped at 21 different stops with a taped narrator telling about San Francisco stuff along the way. It was great. This bus allowed you to hop on and hop off stops. They were at each stop every half hour.

The first stop I got off was at the Golden Gate Bridge south view point. This turned out to be a fabulous stop. There was a gift shop and a little cafe with lots of flowers in the landscape. It allowed east access to walk or bike along the pedestrian path of the bridge. A bridge patrol officer on bike chatted with me a few minutes. He said the actual bridge is 1.7 miles and with the approaches it is 2 miles. I didn't go all the way across although if Tim would have been with me I might have. I did go to the first set of red beams it looks to be about a third of the way. It was pretty cool to be walking on the bridge. Then I got back on the bus and sat on the upper open deck. The bus drove across the bridge. It was incredibly windy and it was a cold wind. I got off at the next stop being the north view point. Surprise there was only a scenic view and a park bathroom. So I waited for the bus again. Got on the open upper deck and the bus drove back over the bridge.

The next stop I got off was at Ghiradelli square. They used to make chocolate there but today it is a few shops and restaurants.

I walked all along the Fisherman's Wharf area. This area has lots of touristy shops. Had lunch at Boudin Bakery. They make oh so fabulous sourdough bread there! I had melted harvati on sourdough. So yummy!!! I walked all the way to Pier 39. Love it. I spent lots of time there. There is a special set of docks just for the sea lions at Pier 39. That was amazing to see so many sea lions in one place. Some were just sleeping and annoyed with others and some were very playful! Such a delight to see!!! Then inside the Pier area there are lots of touristy shops. There is even a store that only sells socks. I found a pair that says 'scrapbook girl'. I did find that there were several stores that are candy barrel shops. Fill up the basket with whatever you want and buy it by weight.

Back to the hotel I went. I got back about 5, just as Tim was finishing up for the day.

Tim and I went back to Pier 39. We walked around and had dinner at Wipeout. It was decorated like with a surfing theme. The bathroom was through a red and white cabana. It was decorated with flip flops on the wall.

This was a fabulous day!!!!!!!!

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gardenlady5562 said...

Glad you are having an excellent time. Want to hear all about it and of course see pictures when you get back - miss you...Julia