Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve already.....  Oh my, time sure goes by quickly.   A tradition in Tim's family started when he was just a child is to have New Year's Eve dinner as a family.  That in itself is so peaceful and loving.   This family dinner has evolved just a bit since Tim was a little kid.  Now, the dinner has spouses, children, and in-laws.   It is no longer a family dinner made lovingly by Tim's mom in their family dining room.  We all get dressed up and have a wonderful meal prepared by the fabulous chefs at the St. Louis Club.

Each year, we get to make a "wish".  It could be something we are thankful for from the previous year and carried into the new year.  Or it could be something new for the new year.  Often that is thought about during the day on New Year's Eve.   This year I decided to write down my thoughts. 

Here is what I've come up with today:

December 31, 2011

As I sit gathering my thoughts for tonight the thing that keeps popping in my head is ‘One Little Word.’   I believe it was Ali Edwards (a scrapbooker and blogger that I have met) that started this several years ago.  I’ve always thought about this and have had several words that seem to be “it” for the year.   This year, I thought it may be good to write them down with my reasons for that being the word and maybe that would help me pick ‘one little word’.

Respect  Such a powerful word.  We need to remember to respect ourselves and each other.  Respect what the other person feels and thinks.  Respect is a way to show others that we truly care what they think and feel.  Respect their things and their feelings.  Respect to others help us gain their respect back to us. 

Love  A word that is used in so many ways.  I love you is a statement that means so much!   We love each other as a family.  We love our friends in a different way but still very meaningful.    We also use love to just mean something great.  “I love my new toy, or chocolate chip cookies or jelly beans!”  A great statement, but a different meaning still.   Love makes the world go round!

Courage  A word I truly thought about using!   Courage to be yourself.  Courage to try new things.  Courage to accept things you can’t control.  Courage to let your kids go somewhere without you.   Courage to go to a different country on vacation.   All wonderful things, sometimes very scary and sometimes very exciting.  Many things take courage. 

Joy….  We all need to find joy in everyday life.   When times are tough, joy is what can pull you through.   Joy is in everyday life!  It is the smile we give and get back to a friend.  It is watching your child play.  It is holding your husband’s hand knowing that a simple touch can relay how much you love him.  Joy is everywhere.  Sometimes, we just need to look for it.

Peace….  One of my favorite songs we sang this Christmas is “Et in terra pax”.   The first line of the song says ‘et in terra pax, and on earth peace’.   The song gave many of us chills each time we sang it.   Peace is something I strive to always achieve.  Sometimes it is really, really hard!   Peace within our own life, peace with each other, peace with our children, peace with friends.  Peace needs to come from within.  It can’t be purchased or given to you by anyone else.  There are so many outside influences in our daily lives.   Having peace inside will help with the outside stuff that may not seem manageable. 

So I my word for this year is Peace   Peace will open our hearts to the love and joy of all that is around us.  Peace will give us comfort, and confidence, and courage to try new things.  Peace will give us respect for ourselves and for others.   Peace will bring us closer to God and to each other!

My friends, have a peaceful New Year!

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